Tot School- Letter E

Tot School

Finally getting back into the groove of things after our Christmas break!
For week E, Mommy was very unorganized.. she plans to be better prepared for
week F!

Aidan putting googly eyes on the E's for his Alphabet Book!

We made handprint elephants..

..played where's the elf.. I hid a Christmas elf all around the house, and Aidan had fun trying to find it!

LOVED making a homemade Elmo! Here Aidan is smiling at his finished masterpiece!

We also spent time last week playing with some other toys.. learning to stack & sort his animal train (although Aidan liked it better all unsorted!)

..and trying out his new lacing cards with Daddy!

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  1. Looks like a GREAT week to me! That Elmo is adorable. I know that my daughter, Maddie, would love making one of those!

  2. oo what a great week! I love the eyes on the e :-)

  3. Perfect timing...this is E week for us this week!

  4. I LOVE your Elmo! He really made me smile. The handprint elephants are cute too, I will keep those in mind for our E learning. Great ideas :)