Inspired by Lindsay's recent blog post.. I wanted to share my new favorite picture of Aidan.. our munchkin is so fun-loving, and has grown into such a cute little guy!!

Here is Aidan last January.. I can't believe how big he is getting!

My favorite picture from January 2008.. I am almost in tears, my baby is growing up too fast!!!

Where is the world does the time go??
Yep.. it's time to have another one!!! :)


  1. So cute! Time does fly, but thank goodness for pictures, righ!? :-)

  2. Just remember: Time flies when you are having fun and the fun is in your kids and grand kids. Thanks for the memory Theresa...Love You, Mom.

  3. awww what a doll!! I love that baby picture what a cutie!

  4. 1st - how sweet is that comment from your mom?! Bless.
    Second, that pic of you and Adian is just so precious. Lots of love there!