1. How long does your Christmas tree stay up? Well, it’s New Year’s Eve.. and it’s still up! Actually, I plan on packing up all of our Christmas things up this weekend!

2. Do you have plans for New Year’s Eve? Yep, I am making this for dinner.. renting a few movies from Redbox & staying home with my little family! Grammie & Grampie are coming over for dinner & a movie too! :)

3. Do you have any New Year’s resolutions? Why yes, I do! I would like to try to eat healthier, as I have eaten a bunch of junk over the past few months, and it has made me feel quite crappy.. as well as gain quite a bit of weight! I would also like to continue to get organized. I have been cleaning out & getting rid of a bunch of stuff this past month, and it has felt wonderful.. especially since it was all just taking up extra space!

4. How did you spend New Year’s Eve when you were younger? I had to think a long time about this one. when I was a teenager, I have NO idea what I did. I am guessing that it wasn’t that exciting, since I don’t remember! When I was younger, I used to stay up & watch the ball drop on TV, or fall asleep attempting to!

5. What was the best way you‘ve ever spent New Year’s Eve? Well, we usually go out for New Year’s with a bunch of friends.. but we are staying home this year & I am going to say that tonight is going to be my favorite New Year’s Eve.. being with my family, staying home sounds perfect to me!

Hope that everyone has a great night, can’t wait to see what 2011 brings! :)



  1. I liked these questions and loved reading your answers!! Have fun taking down.. ours is all down except for two wreaths that we need to borrow a ladder to get down! Sounds like a really great New Years Eve to me :-) We went over to Tim's Sister's house to play games. Those sounds like awesome goals for this yer! I wrote about mine today. hehe we didn't do anything super special either. I remember going out and banging pots and pans as loud as we can one year! I think staying in would have been a lot of fun. This year was fun over at Tim's sisters but I was very tired this morning!

  2. As always, fun to read Theresa! We took our tree down yesterday. :-(