It's been awhile, but the first weekend of December I went to Chicago with my good friend Amanda. We go along with a bus shopping trip, but we choose not to shop & instead go to some of the museums around town!

This year we went to the Museum of Science & Industry, which has changed so much since I was there last when I was a kid..

Here's some random photos, as I took WAY too many pictures that day :)

The big attraction there right now is the Jim Henson exhibit, this was a huge gingerbread house of the museum with some of his Muppets..

I loved going to this, as I basically grew up with Sesame Street, etc.. it was awesome to see the real puppets!

 These guys were my favorite.. it's Gobo & Cantus from Fraggle Rock! :)

HAD to take pictures of the big tractor for Aidan.. he would have loved this farm exhibit!

Especially the combine, which showed the inner workings of the equipment.. SO wish that Aidan was there with me!

In honor of Aidan, Amanda & I jumped in the drivers seat & had a simulated combine ride harvesting corn.. so cool! :)

We had a little bit too much fun playing with our shadows here.. :)

HUGE toy train exhibit!

Life cycle exhibit & the cute little chicks! 

I have NO idea what this thing is called, but we liked it!

They also had a TON of Christmas decorations, a beautiful HUGE tree, and a small tree representing every country in the world, decorated according to their customs.. but I won't bore you with the pictures! 

747 Exhibit, taking a break! 

We had such a great time! 
I especially loved having the day to spend with my friend, and having some time to myself! :)

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  1. Looks like an awesome day, glad you and Amanda
    enjoyed your time together.