o Christmas tree!

Every year, I love to decorate our Christmas tree.. I love our ornaments and the significance of each of them, I also love that we now have cute homemade ones from our son, they make me smile every time I look at them! 

Inspired by Lindsay (again!) here is a look at some of my favorite ornaments, some new ones this year and some old ones too! 

After the tree is up, we give Aidan a wrapped ornament, that represents something that he is really "into" that year, and he is super excited to hang the first ornament on the tree.. this year it was Iron Man! :)

Grammie also gets in on this tradition & gets Aidan a new ornament too.. she chose a tractor this year!

My absolute favorite ornament is this glass one of the Three Wise Men. 
It was on our family tree when I was little & my mom gave it to me when I first moved into my new home, it's still my favorite!

I also love my Strawberry Shortcake ball from 1981 too :)

My recent favorite are these little snowmen, I just think they're cute!

I also love this star, that Aidan painted at a pottery shop on our first family vacation up north in Glen Arbor last summer :)

One thing I love about having a toddler now, is that he loves to make crafts with Mommy!
I definitely took advantage of that this year, as we made a few ornaments together:

I told Aidan how to make this reindeer & he did the rest! 
He got a bit excited with the glue.. but he was so proud of his Rudolph!

 I tried to make this snowman handprint ornament last year with Aidan, and it was a mess.. he had a lot more hand control this year, 
and didn't mind the paint on his hands either! (that definitely helps!)

I have seen a bunch of variations of this one online, and they are all adorable! 
We went with a tinsel filled ball & I painted on the finishing touches when Aidan's handprint dried.. I LOVE how it turned out!

I hope you all have as much fun looking at your beautiful, memory-filled trees as I do! :)


  1. aww love all of your ornaments! That glass one is so pretty!!

  2. I had forgotten about those two ornaments you had
    when you were little. Glad you kept the memories.

  3. Loved looking at your ornaments! I have mine from when I was a kid too and they are so fun to look at. Fun memories. :-)

  4. ohmyword...i COVET the strawberry shortcake ornament!! love it!