I am so late at posting this, but I know my mom wants to see the pictures.. 
so here you go mom!!! :)

It was so nice to go to my mom's house for Thanksgiving dinner this year, we usually have to run from place to place, and it was nice to stay at one home!
My mom & my step-dad:

My Uncle Dave & Aunt Cathy were visiting from Georgia, 

so my mom invited her cousins to dinner that they all hadn't seen in quite awhile.. 
 it was fun to listen to them reminisce over dinner.

Aidan actually sat down for awhile to eat, he is always up & down at the table.. 
he must have been hungry!
(look at all of those olives!)

My Grandpa & all of his kids!

Tony & I after dinner & feeling like I just ate a whale!

I had a nice time visiting with my cousin Tanya, who I don't get to see very often!

Aidan was pooped after dinner, 
and spent the rest of the day relaxing with Grampie!

Since Aidan really didn't want to play, 
my Aunt Trudy had entirely way too much fun with Aidan's toys by herself! :)

Any time spent with my Grandpa is time well spent!

It was a great Thanksgiving, I'm so thankful for my wonderful family!


  1. Thanks for posting Theresa, might have to do again
    next year. I enjoyed having everyone there and even doing the cooking, since Gary was so nice to have gotten me all new appliances.

  2. Greast pics - thanks for posting! It was wonderful seeing ya'll and having Aiden spend the night - what a great little boy - so polite and fun to be around. Dixie LOVES her "snowman" and hopefully Aiden's aother toys were able to be washed and returned to the play tub. Thanks again for a wonderful time and we look forward to the next time. Cathy, David and Dixie

  3. oo what fun! I love family time :-)