5 Question ..Saturday!

Oops, here's 5QF on Saturday for ya! 

1. Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Well, we are starting a NEW tradition for our little family this year.. we going to start opening one gift on Christmas Eve, and it is going to be an age appropriate game for Aidan, that we can all play together that night as a family. (We picked Cootie as our game this year!)
Other than that, we tear all the presents open first thing Christmas morning! :)

2. What is your favorite Christmas cookie or candy? How about all of it?? If I'd have to choose, it would be these..

..it is called Kifli, and it is a Hungarian recipe that Tony's grandmother used to make, which his sister Linda makes for the family every year during Christmastime.. it is delicious!
I LOVE the walnut (dios) and prune (lekvar) flavored ones!

3. What is the worst Christmas present you have ever received? Hmm, I have NO idea. I am sure that I got some things that I didn't want when I was younger, and less thankful for stuff!

4. Christmas song that you love? I LOVE the song "Silent Night, so this year, it's this one:

5. How many trees do you put up? If you've ever been to our home, you'd know that there's only room for one tree, and it's a skinny space-saving one! ..and I'm perfectly happy with that! :)


  1. awww love that new tradition! We try and do a family gift each year.. like a game or movie tickets or something to do all together as a family. oo those look delicious! I am totally with you on the all of them! hmm my favorite would have to be the peanut butter with hersey's kisses on the top! Yum! See this is why I can never post this on my blog.. either I don't have a good response or I would have to lie.. since my MIL doesn't read your blog I would say the year she got me a gift card to petco. I wasn't very appreciative of it at the time.. and it was a pretty lame gift.. but in retrospect I know she was just trying to get me something I would use! I love Christmas music.. hmm favorite fun song would be rockin around the Christmas tree.. favorite song true to the meaning is What child is this. I want to see your tree I bet its adorable! We also only put up one!

  2. Good 5QF questions! Maybe I'll have to do it too. I enjoyed reading your answers. Hope you are getting all of your preparations done!