Tot School- Letters N, O and P!

Oh goodness, I am such a Tot-School drop-out!!! :(

We have been finished with these letters for awhile now, and took a lengthy break before them.. I am hoping to get back on track after the holidays, because right now, our schedule is CRAZY! 

Tot School

Numbers on his letter N..

Pasting N words on his Letter N worksheet..

Noodle counting!

Play-doh faces.. making silly noses!

Letter O octopus!

Octo-dogs for lunch.. Aidan LOVED these!

(& making it talk...!)

We learned about putting things in order (sequencing) & had fun with these Blue's Clues cards.

I had both boys that I babysit over the beginning of December, so we had fun with an ornament craft!

We didn't have any ornaments on the tree yet, so it was fun to watch the boys decorate it together! :)

Paint on letter P..

We did a TON of puzzles, and Aidan has mastered all of them!

This is Aidan's current favorite puzzle:

Making pizza! 
(please excuse the hair, we just came in from playing in the snow outside!)

Being such a big helper.. and sneaking bites of cheese!

Not bad for his first pizza! :)


  1. what fun! Can I have a slice of pizza? Great job on those letters!

  2. So proud of you Theresa for doing so many things with Aidan. Wish I would of had the time to do this with you when you were little.