Happy New Year!

I simply cannot believe that another year has gone by.. our son is getting so big!

New Years Eve isn't really that big of a deal to me, but the resolutions should be! (hopefully I will keep mine for longer than a week!)

Here's my resolutions for the new year:

-lose weight!
..I know, I know, everyone says that at New Year's.. but I am sick of being overweight, and I can't use the baby-weight excuse anymore! :)

-savor each & every moment with my son.
I am struggling with this.. I LOVE Aidan, and I LOVE being a Mommy, but lately.. he has been a TERRIBLE 2 year old!

-make time to preserve our family memories.
I am so behind on my scrapbooking.. I haven't even started Aidan's baby book yet, and he's 2! oops..

What are some of your New Year's resolutions?

Have a safe & happy New Year's Eve.. Goodbye 2009!


  1. Just wanted to let you know that I awarded you the Lemonade Stand Award on my blog. Wishing you a Happy 2010!

  2. I am sitting at home in my Redskins snuggie watching TV.. I might stay up I might go to bed.. not a big deal.. but I do have some goals for the year.. I need to get them posted and work on my Christmas posts :-)

  3. Girlfriend, I am totally with you. Exercise and getting in shape is on the top of my list again this year. And it WILL happen. For both of us. I know it.

    And yes. To savor each moment. It can be tough... but oh it zooms on by.

  4. Hey Theresa!
    Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas! I loved the sledding post. I want to go there... looked like a lot of fun. Hope you are well. See you soon, I hope. :-)


  5. Thank you for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment - I really appreciate it! :)
    I had to smile at each of your resolutions because I TOTALLY can relate to each one!! Baby fat? Check. Terrible 2's? Check. Scrapbooker gone AWOL? Check. LOL
    Can't wait to check out more of your blog - it looks great!