here comes..

Santa! :)

..and BOY, was Aidan excited to see his brand new kitchen, waiting to be played with!
It was hard to drag him away to check out the other goodies Santa left!

Here's our own little "Santa".. handing out gifts to Mommy & Daddy!

Checking out a present from the cats (ha ha) .. a huge Mr Potato Head set! :)

LOVE this picture, Aidan got what he wanted & was extremely happy about it.. some toy tractors from Daddy! Mommy went the educational toy route.. boring! :)


  1. awww so fun! Love the kitchen! What toys did you get him? I went the educational route as well :-)

  2. Lindsay, I got my son a bunch of Melissa & Doug toys! Love those toys.. sometimes I think more than my son does! :)