new playgroup!

Last week, we had our introductory playgroup with the SAHM's Club at the Kalamazoo Nature Center.. we LOVED it.. and we were also accepted to join the group!

I am so excited that I found an active playgroup that is full of mommies like me, Aidan loved all of the kids, and we are looking forward to all of the fun activities that are planned for the weeks ahead!

I haven't been to the Nature Center in years.. and was surprised at how much Aidan loved it..we are going to have to get a pass! Here he is checking out all of the frogs, and he was very intrigued by the fox below too..

When we got home, we practiced sorting colors.. Aidan wasn't really into this activity & just wanted to play with the red fire truck! ..oh well..

We'll keep trying! :)


  1. yay for new play groups!! I love the color sorting game.. still fun if he just wanted to play with one of them :-)

  2. The color sorting activity looks really neat!!