Tot School -Letter C

Tot School

This week, we focused on the letter C.. Aidan was really excited to start a new letter, and Mommy had some fun stuff planned too!
(AND, I actually remembered to take pictures!)

Candy canes on the C's!

We ate a bunch of clementines this week.. and Aidan can peel them all by himself too!

..a Christmas cookie puzzle game that Aidan was great at!

Putting 'cherries' on the tree!

Aidan LOVED this sensory tub game! I hid a bunch of items that began with the letter C in this bowl full of popcorn kernels, and Aidan had to dig & find all of them! Boy, was he ever excited when he found one of them! We are definitely going to do this again!

He found a car and a candle!

Finishing off the letter C week with a Christmas cookie!!

Mommy also had a fun filled "C" weekend.. she went to a beautiful candlelight dessert Friday evening, an awesome trip to Chicago Saturday and an annual trip to the huge Christmas craft show Sunday afternoon! :)


  1. Wow what a great week Aidan had! I love the sensory tub!

  2. The tot school looks like such a wonderful program! Are you thinking of homeschooling? Glad you had a great weekend too!

  3. First of all, your blog background and header are too cute! I love the C is for candy cane activity.

  4. Theresa you amaze me with what you are doing for Aidan.
    Keep it up, very proud of you. Aidan looks like he cannot wait till the next letter.

  5. We are doing C this week! I also love your sensory tub especially that it is round. What kind of tub is it?