Aidan & I went sledding at Kindleberger Park today with Michelle & family.. it was too much fun!
We only wished that Daddy had the day off, so he could have joined us too!

Here's Michelle.. ready to go!

I was so excited to try out Aidan's new sled, and Aidan absolutely loved sledding!

When we got down to the end of each hill, he would yell "again, again!"
Needless to say.. Mommy got super tired walking back up the hills.. I don't remember getting that exhausted when I was little!


For old times sake, Michelle & I tried to relive our childhood sledding memories together..

& after almost 27 years of being best friends.. we're still goofballs!! :)


  1. awww so much fun sledding!! I love that you guys went down together!

  2. Yes you and Michelle are still Dork's!