rainy day..

Our first full day up north, and it was rainy.. go figure!

We still had a good time though, taking Aidan to the Great Lakes Children's Museum was a perfect rainy day activity!

Here's some of the fun things they had for toddlers to do.. Mommy & Daddy just basically followed Aidan around while he explored!

Learning about The Great Lakes..

The Water Table.. definitely a favorite!

Pretending to be a lighthouse keeper..

Captain Aidan??

Another favorite of his was the kitchen & play food.. he was cooking up a storm!

Mommy loved the arts & crafts area.. I had to beg Aidan to color for me though, he was too busy with the other activities!

Whew! Aidan was pooped after a trip to this place.. so worth it though!

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  1. What a great children's museum!! I love that boat!