the fair!

So.. we actually went to the fair a few weeks ago..
I am getting so lazy about posting recent things to my blog!
Oops :)

Anyways, we took a trip to the fair with Grampie & Grammie..
Aidan had a blast!

Upon arriving, he ran right to the ponies & wanted a ride..
I was unsure about it, but he rode all by himself!

This was one l o n g pony ride.. glad he got his money's worth!

Next up.. the tractors, of course!

Almost getting as tall as the tractor tires!

It was fun to find out that my step-dad was in 4H &
showed pigs when he was little..
so we had fun walking around & learning more about them!

Getting a closer look at the pig showing..
I couldn't believe that they actually did all of this with pigs,
it was set up just like a dog show!

I also couldn't believe how big some pigs can get,
these ones were huge!

I loved the whole country-feel of this fair,
and how close you could get to the animals.

Aidan loved checking out all the different farm animals up close! :)

Well.. maybe not that close...

You can't go to the fair & not have homemade lemonade!
Man, that stuff was delicious!

I was so happy to see that Aidan wanted to ride some
of the kiddie rides,
he loves carousel horses,

and even though he isn't smiling here.. he was having a good time!

LOVED the train ride too!

Mommy & Grammie even got in on some of the rides before we left!

So glad we had the chance to go to a fair this year!


  1. ooo what fun!! Looks like Aidan had a blast!! I so hear you on the getting lazy updating things on the blog! I need to do some of our august stuff before we leave for vacation Friday. :-)

  2. Will have to go to this fair again next year, make
    it a yearly event.