family dinner

The best part about vacation was being able to see family that we don't normally see!

Most of my family lives in California, so it was wonderful for all of us to get together for dinner.. I just wish I would have taken more pictures!
Guess I was having a good time talking to everyone! :)

There were a bunch of us there from all different families, descending from my Grandpa's original family.. so it may look strange that we are wearing name-tags.. but it was a great way to remember who everyone was!

Aidan had fun visiting with his Great-Grandpa..

and he finally warmed up to Grandma too! :)

Meeting the newest member of the family.. Weston.
Aidan LOVED the baby!
( I have to say, I did too.. and I think I am ready for another one!)

Aidan chased my uncles around all night long. He had such a good time visiting with them!

My poor Dad.. he was Aidan's punching bag the whole week.. I am sure that he didn't mind, but Aidan just wouldn't leave him alone! :)

My Dad on the left.. & his brothers & father that made the trip!

4 generations!

I had such a nice time visiting with my Dad for the week!

Our little family :)


  1. Very nice pictures, will make for a good "Aidan's first REAL vacation book". Can hear him talking about the pictures.

  2. AWWW love it!! The picture of you in the 4 generations is amazing! You look great!! I hear you on the being ready ;-) That last picture is a great family photo!!