dune climb!

So when we went to the dunes.. we HAD to climb them! :)

Aidan was ready & raring to go!

Go Daddy! :)

Halfway up.. and I am tired.. Aidan was practically running up the dune!

Phew!.. he finally stopped to play, Mommy can take a breather!

WE barely made it to the top, when Aidan realized that all the kids around him were having fun running & jumping down.. so he had to follow!

Yeah, yeah.. I'm coming!! :)

Besides being seriously out of shape, I had a blast with my boys at the dunes!

We wrapped up the day by spending some time at the beach,

it was a beautiful day & I never got tired of hearing
the waves on the shore & walking through the water!

Plus.. our last sunset was absolutely gorgeous!!!

What a perfect first "real" vacation for Aidan,
we hope to go back again someday! :)


  1. gorgeous!! I love that you luckily made it to the top before Aidan realized it was more fun to run back down!

  2. Hey Theresa...welcome back!!! Looks like you had a wonderful vacation. I loved looking at all your photos. :-)

  3. Heavenly! There's something special about the beach and those waves, isn't there?!

    Glad you had a wonderful time!