Grand Traverse Lighthouse

I loved taking the trip up to see this lighthouse, so glad that Tony suggested it!

Aidan had fun wandering around, we participated in a scavenger hunt while walking through the lighthouse & Aidan liked helping look for answers!

I loved the old kitchen & stove.. there were so many neat things here!

The coal furnace was beautiful!

The best part for Aidan was going up to the top of the lighthouse of course!

The view was amazing!

There was a bunch of stuff to do around the house. Aidan loved playing with the water pump..

and was kinda bummed to learn that he couldn't go on a ride in this restored boat! :)


  1. What a neat place! Very impressive that he climbed all the way to the top of the lighthouse!

  2. oo what fun! The boat is really cool! There were so many cool things to see in that lighthouse!