the beach!

Going to the beach up here can never get old.. it is so beautiful!

(Please excuse the smudge on my camera lens.. someone (Aidan) was trying to take his own pictures right before this!)

At the beach where we were staying, it was quite rocky..

so we decided to take Aidan to a beach in the nearby town of Empire.. it was so nice there, with a playground & really soft sandy beaches. Aidan LOVED playing in the sand..

and rolling around in it!!!

We loved watching him play & enjoy himself, he is growing up so fast!

Hunting for shells..

Aidan wouldn't go into the water throughout our whole trip.. we think that he wasn't too sure of the waves.. so Tony had to keep running back & forth to get Aidan water in his little sand bucket :)

The best part about being so close to the beach.. was being able to watch the sunsets at night!

Almost every night, we would gather as a family & watch the sun go down...

Aidan could have cared less.. he was shell & rock hunting!

Loved all of the beautiful sunsets!


  1. Gorgeous photos! Kids have no appreciation for silly things like sunsets. ;) James is all about sand and shells, too!

  2. So glad you got to do some "special" stuff on your vacation.

  3. oo what beautiful pictures! I love that sunset picture! What a great trip!!