Frederik Meijer Gardens

This past Friday, we took a trip with Grammie up to the Meijer Gardens!
We had so much fun, and we timed it perfectly.. it was the last day of the butterfly exhibit, and the opening day of the Dale Chihuly exhibit!
(I ♥ Dale Chihuly!)

Let's go see some butterflies!

Mommy was much more excited about the Chihuly glass, while Aidan & Grammie were hunting for butterflies!

They found some!
All of the butterflies were so pretty, just flying free all around you..

I had never spotted a blue one there before, but we were lucky enough to catch one resting for a minute!

There were feeding stations everywhere too!

Aidan loved being pushed around in his stroller.. I am so glad we thought to bring it with us, we did A LOT of walking!

Playing with Grammie is the huge treehouse for kids, they have an AWESOME kids area!

Aidan's favorite part.. getting wet!
Note to Mommy:bring a swimsuit for Aidan next time! He got soaked! :)

Loved watching him have so much fun!

Frederick Meijer Gardens is a sculpture park, so you can't leave without seeing the DaVinci horse!
It still amazes me at how big it is!

Aidan wasn't too sure about the horse..

..and he preferred this smaller model instead! :)

We spent a bunch of time walking around.. I had to see more Chihuly!
Here are my favs..

Grammie getting a closer look :)

Aidan liked the floating glass, he kept calling these "chocolates"
.. as in Hershey's Kisses! :)

I took SO many pictures..!
Before we went home, Aidan had to have one more turn in the water area..

Mommy got in on the fun too!

Thanks you Grammie, for such an awesome day!
We ♥ you!


  1. You both are very welcome, it WAS an awesome day! I enjoyed every minute of the day with both of you. Pretty cool picture (three generations).

  2. Looks like you had a great time and what a great exhibit to see! looks very cool and I can only imagen in person it is that much better!
    Love you All
    Sarah Kay

  3. oo my goodness beautiful! I loved all of the photos! Sammy has that shirt for Memorial day/4th of July for this year! I would have loved this place!