Aidan had his friend Bryson over the other day for a playdate, and to take him for a spin in his Jeep!

They're off!...

Okay, everything is looking alright so far.. but Aidan is starting to drive a little crazy..

Bryson does NOT look like he is having a fun ride!

Apparently, trying to run over Mommy & her friend Danyel is NOT fun to Bryson.. but Aidan thinks it's hilarious!

No one was hurt on the Jeep ride, but Aidan was disappointed when Mommy put an end to the rides when he wouldn't stop running into things.. he is since doing MUCH better, and isn't such a crazy driver!

We can't wait to have another playdate.. I hope Aidan didn't scare Bryson away! :)

*Thanks for the awesome pics Danyel.. I seriously need to get a better camera!*


  1. LOL those pictures are HILARIOUS!!! oohh my goodness I loved the series!

  2. HAHA how cute is this! I can't wait until my daughter is doing all of those cute things!

  3. I just wanted to let you know while looking at your blog with Bryson, he just kept saying over and over "E is naughty momma" It's still cracks me up :)