glad we live in the country!

Man, it was HOT today!

I am such a wimp when it comes to heat & humidity.. it was only about 80-85 degrees today, but I was ready for it to cool down!

Aidan was too.. here's some pictures of our munchkin enjoying the sprinkler,
he HAD to be naked..!!!

That water was so cold, I have no idea how he kept running through it!

Aidan also took a break, to do some naked lawn mowing!

Another break.. getting rehydrated,

before going on some naked Jeep riding! :)

What a goof!


  1. Gotta Love Him!!!!

  2. bwaahahhahahahha oohhh my goodness these pictures were hilarious! One of these needs the one they show at high school graduation!!

  3. SO. CUTE. Seriously, what a little peanut! I'm just now catching up with your blog after being away for a while -- I see you've been busy writing!! :)

  4. These are so fun Theresa! Looks like he was really have a great time. :-) I especially like the one of him pushing the lawn mower... hilarious! Hope you are doing well and staying cool this week. Hope to see you soon!

  5. That is hilarious!!!! What a nut! I'm looking forward to those goofy times at our house, but as for now...they are TERRIFIED of the baby pool :( Makes for some really hot and humid days with no relief.

  6. And THIS is why it's good to be 2...you can get away with so much stuff, and people just smile at you! :)

    Thanks for making me laugh!