pretend play

I love Mom to Mom sales.. but I should have known better when I went to one recently with Aidan & he spotted this farm playset- he HAD to have it!

I need to remember next time that those sales have more than just clothes!

Anyways.. Aidan loves his new toy, and I love watching him play with it..

Aidan is growing up so fast, it was bittersweet watching him play & put everything in the correct spots.. he was entertained for hours!

I love that he was so into "feeding" the horses , and making sure each animal was in the correct spot in his new barn!

This purchase was definitely worth the 10 bucks! :)


  1. oo what a great toy! Love that you got it for $10 he will certainly get his money's worth out of it!

  2. They have this barn at our library, and Alex just *loves* to play with it. It's the neatest toy - definitely worth $10!