monster cookie

I know that I am pretty crazy for allowing my child to consume this much sugar in one sitting.. but when I was little, my mom used to take me to Mackenzie's Bakery to pick out a "monster cookie" as a treat..

Well, when we were at the grocery store this week & saw "monster cookies" in the bakery.. I had to relive this childhood memory & get one for Aidan.

Look at all of it's sugary goodness!

I have to admit, these cookies are way lower in quality than the bakery my mom used to take me to.. but hey, Aidan could care less.. chocolate chip cookies & frosting? He's gonna love it!

Taking the first bite & making a MESS!

Yep, I think he'd say it was finger licking good!

We have to try to make a trip to Mackenzie's Bakery, to see if they still make the original monster cookies.. & Mommy will eat one with Aidan too! :)


  1. oo my yummy!! My mouth is watering!

  2. WOW! James would be in HEAVEN with this!!