Last week, I promised Aidan that we would go feed the ducks.. he was SO excited & I was looking forward to it too!
Once we walked up to the water, we realized that there were only 2 ducks.. and a TON of geese! Oh well, Aidan didn't seem to care!

Getting a handful of bagel crumbs for the "ducks"..

"Here ya go ducks!"

"And here's some MORE!"
Aidan filled up both hands & was chucking bread at the geese!

" I think they want to play with me.."

"Come here ducks!"

Aidan chased this poor guy for a good 5 minutes..

..but he got smart & went to the water, Aidan wasn't too happy after that!
Maybe next time we go, the geese will want to play with him :)

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  1. hehe such a fun day! I am petrfied of feeding large birds like that.. but Sammy thinks its fun!