Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful Easter today!
The Easter Bunny came & hid a basket-full of goodies for Aidan..
(either the bunny needs to get Aidan a new basket, or stop getting Aidan so much stuff.. that thing was jam-packed!)

..and had an Easter egg hunt set up for him too!

Aidan had fun finding the eggs & learning how to spell his name!

Showing Daddy all the stuff in his basket..

This afternoon, we went to my Dad's house for Easter dinner with family. It was great to see everyone & Grandma set up an egg hunt for the kids!

Yep, Aidan was SUPER excited about this!

He was looking so hard for eggs, and his basket was FULL!

Following his cousin Ava, trying to find the last of the eggs! :)

Showing off his finds to Grandpa & getting help unwrapping some chocolate!

Love this pic.. being chased by Kimba, my cousin's dog..
Aidan didn't want to share his candy!!

We had a great Easter holiday today and while all of the bunnies, eggs & candy are fun.. the most important thing to remember is that we are truly celebrating the death & resurrection of Jesus..
or as Aidan calls him.. "Sesus!" :)


  1. What a super fun day! I love the name Sesus and I am sure God does too :-). We had fun doing all of the fun bunny stuff but also had a great time talking about Jesus and the wonderful thing he did and that he is alive still!

  2. Looks like you had a nice Easter! I like how you had Aiden find the letters in his name... creative!