Easter eggs!

I was SO excited to dye Easter eggs this year.. Aidan is old enough now to have fun with it, and I learned a new trick for him!

He had even more fun & control coloring his eggs with a whisk! I don't remember where I heard of this idea, but it worked perfect! :)

Every year I get together with my best friend Michelle to dye eggs.. I think we have more fun that the kids do!

Aidan was very excited to play with the boys that afternoon.

Although he broke a few eggs, Aidan had to be sure to try out every color of egg dye!

After the boys left, Aidan was very lovey-dovey.. here's my favorite pic of the day!


  1. Love that trick w/ the eggs! Sammy broke a few too and then he ate them.. that was his dinner Saturday night 3 hard boiled eggs :-P Looks like you guys had a blast!!

  2. Love the picture of him kissing you...sure can tell he loves you!!!!