tractor ride!

Tuesday after his nap, Aidan rushed me outside, & we sat in the backyard for a 1/2 hour watching..

..Uncle Shiner plow the fields!
Aidan is seriously in love with all things John Deere, and he was content to sit & watch his great uncle plow
for a L O N G time!

Once he loosened up the dirt so the ride wouldn't be so rough on Aidan, Uncle Shiner came back 'round to pick up his passenger!

I thought that Aidan wouldn't go without me, but he was ready to go.. and didn't care at all that Mommy wasn't going with him!
Love how he is holding onto the seat in this picture!

He doesn't look too excited here, but trust me.. it's all he's been talking about!

I'm guessing he wants to be a farmer! :)


  1. You are so lucky to live in the country. Seems to be so much more to see and do. You are a lucky boy that Uncle Shiner took you, you will be planting crops with him before long.

  2. awww sooo cute and so much fun!! Last year when we went strawberry picking Sammy's favorite part was riding the tractor to and from the field!

  3. Awe so cute! And I am suddenly singing my happy song which is Jason Aldean's "Big Green Tractor!" LOVE IT!