first movie!

This morning, we took Aidan to the movies for the first time!
Aidan was so excited all week, as this was his "prize" for doing his chores.. he didn't know what to think of the big "TV" screen at first though!

Watching some previews with Daddy.. love how small he is in the seats!

The local theater here is showing free spring matinees.. perfect for us, since we didn't know if Aidan would sit through a whole movie!
Time for the show!

This movie was SO cute! ..I haven't read the book, but Aidan & I are going to check it out next time we go to the library!
Aidan was very interested in the movie, and his popcorn too!

About an hour into the film, this happened..

Aidan must have gotten this trait from his Great-Grandpa, falling asleep in the middle of a movie!

We'll definitely try going to the movies again, it was fun! :)


  1. Looks like a great Family Day!!!

  2. What a great movie experience!! I love the picture of him passed out! What fun that they have them for free. Ours does that in the summer :-)