Memorial Day weekend

It was such a HOT weekend, it was perfect for swimming! Saturday & Sunday Aidan got a bunch of pool time in,
and he also spent some time with two of his cousins, Hayley & Brody!

I was not expecting Aidan to even go into the pool, after what happened here, I figured that he would be hanging onto Mommy & Daddy the whole time. Boy, was I wrong! By the end of the weekend, he was JUMPING in the water!

Getting ready to get wet with Grammie..

It was so fun to see Hayley enjoy the water too!

On Sunday, Brody came by for a visit..
he is getting SO big!

We spent more time at the pool!
Aidan loved playing with Cole..

and swimming some more with Grammie!

LOVE this pic of Brody, he is such a cutie!

Our little fish.. swimming to Daddy!

The best part of the weekend was watching Aidan jump into the water!

He did this about 50 million times..

..but the look on his face was so worth me catching him over & over! :)

I LOVE being a Mommy!


  1. That last picture shows how much he loves his mommy. So glad all had a good time and the weather cooperated.

  2. aww yay Aidan!! What a big change from the last "pool" trip! We had a blast in the water this weekend too :-)