1. What do you think makes a good friend, or friendship? Someone that I can be 100 % MYSELF around.. that I can confide in & trust, that gets my sense of humor & can be goofy around.. love you Michelle!! :)

2. What is the last thing you bought & later regretted? Oh man, I had an impulse buy a few days ago & am now regretting it..shoulda just saved the money!
I bought an iPod Touch.. do I need it? NO. Do I want it?.. YES!
I can't wait for the UPS guy to deliver it! :)

3. Have you ever had a prank played on you? Nope & let's hope it stays that way!

4. What is your favorite theme park? I've only been once, but I LOVE Walt Disney World. The Magic Kingdom is.. well, magical & I hope that we can someday take Aidan!

5. Have you ever seen someone else give birth? Yep.. I watched my friend Shannon give birth to her daughter Mackenzie.. I was only 20, and nowhere near wanting any kids yet.. so it was interesting! :)

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  1. I would totally do this, but maybe only on my private blog... hubs is a bit wary about how much info I put out there. :)
    I too was 20 years old when I saw my sister give birth to my niece - beautiful and amazing, but seriously, talk about a visual birth control!! LOL