the zoo!

there's a TON of pictures with this post.. sorry! :)

I am SO happy that we finally got a chance to take Aidan to the zoo for the first time.. and he got to enjoy it with his grandparents & cousins too!

We started out the trip looking at a few vultures.. aren't they lovely?

The boys liked checking out the prairie dogs..

The main attraction at Binder Park Zoo is the giraffes, here's Aidan & grandma waiting for the tram to take us to Africa! :)

Aidan was so excited to see the giraffes..

I was excited that my Dad took the afternoon off to spend it with us!

Trying to get the giraffes attention..

Aidan wasn't too sure about this thing!

He would throw the lettuce leaves at them & the food would fall to the ground.. not very convenient since, you know, giraffes are kinda tall .. oops.

Daddy helped Aidan feed them, the giraffes have super long tongues!

The zoo recently celebrated the birth of two baby giraffes, it was fun to watch them.

Trying to get a closer look!

We saw tons of animals, Aidan was running from each exhibit.. he was loving the zoo!


Wild Mexican wolves..

(which were too far away & couldn't get a decent picture of ..)

The Children's Zoo was a huge petting zoo, Aidan loved the little goats! here he is trying to push one of them.. he was saying "go, goat!"

Tons of peacocks wandering around.. loved this white one.

There were lots of photo op stops, and we took advantage of most of them.. here's Grandma with her boys!

It is so great that my nephews are in town for the week.. Jackson & Sammy are so fun!
Sammy (the youngest) is quite the character, I loved all of his cheesy facial expressions in all of my pictures...

..what a goof! ♥

They're coming over to play with Aidan tomorrow,
can't wait to spend more time with them!

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  1. ooo what fun! I love all of the pictures! The goats totally cracked me up! Yay for cousins to play with! Sammy would have loved to hang out with everyone!