Deep Fried Pickle Project!

The other morning, Aidan & I met our playgroup at the Celery Flats for a kids concert! We listened to the Deep Fried Pickle Project, and they were great! Well.. great for kids songs.. they sang about some pretty silly stuff..

.. and Aidan loved it! Not that great of a picture, but he was dancing & jumping around everywhere! I couldn't get him to sit down! :)

Not to happy about sitting for a pic with Mommy..

After the concert, we walked around & finished our picnic lunch. Aidan spotted something behind the pond & HAD to go check it out!

He has also been playing very well without Mommy at playgrounds.. and making me nervous about climbing everything!
He was very sure about this way to get up the structure & told me promptly to "go away!" :)

I kinda miss him not wanting me to be by his side every second..
He is growing up so fast!


  1. oo how fun! When you said deep fried pickles I was thinking you had some "project" to eat one! There is a BBQ place here that gives you a fried pickle with your meal! He is getting os big! Its hard when they tell us to back off some!

  2. Oh I hear you about missing those days when we were all they wanted. Sigh. And I'm totally with Lindsay, you wrote 'deep fried pickles' and I thought I found my new BFF in you. ;)