This past Saturday was Greater Galesburg Days in our hometown, Aidan had been looking forward to the parade all week!

Here's a family photo.. waiting for the parade to start!

Uh oh.. what does Aidan see coming?

Tractors, of course!

Aidan LOVED everyone in the parade throwing candy at him!
We had a hard time keeping him out of the street to get the stray pieces of candy, he'd say "but candy, Mama!"

After the parade, we wandered over to the petting zoo, Aidan loved all of the animals!

I liked the chickens & I'm still trying to convince Tony to let us get some of our own! (not likely)

They had alligators & snakes too.. but Aidan was only interested in this turtle..

kinda hesitant at first, but he touched it! :)

It was a great day!


  1. LOL apparently I should drink some coffee and wake up.. I meant I love that last picture of the brave boy petting the turtle :-P Missed a few words!!

  2. oo what a fun parade!! I love that last picture of the brave turtle!