turkey day fun..

For Thanksgiving, we went to Coldwater to visit & eat dinner with my step-dad's family. Aidan had his first taste of deep fried turkey.. it was delicious!

After dinner, Aidan was promised a trip out to Uncle Jeff's chicken coop!
(He was told about this all week, and was very excited about it!)

..waiting for the chickens to be let out..

..the picture doesn't do the rooster justice, he was so pretty! (..er, handsome..)

..helping Uncle Jeff gather up eggs! ..and cracking all of them too! :)


  1. aww love this post! It looks cold there! What a fun activity to get to collect the eggs :-)

  2. Aidan looks right at home with the chickens. Uncle Jeff usually breaks a few everyday.

  3. Aidan looks good picking eggs. Uncle Jeff has some broken ones all the time.