too many leaves!

This weekend, Tony & I decided it was finally time to rake our leaves.. we thought that it wouldn't take that long.. it didn't look like there were that many leaves... boy, were we WRONG!

My mom offered to come over and help earlier that day, I didn't think we needed any help.. I ended up calling her back & telling her to come on over! Aidan had fun with Grammie jumping in the leaves.. so did Mommy! :)

Between me raking & mowing, my mom leaf blowing, and Tony raking & burning.. we finally got our yard leaf free! Aidan loved being outside all day too!

1 comment:

  1. Grammie had a good time there Saturday.
    It was so nice to be outside all day.
    Also to be the first to see Theresa handle the riding mower, you did a good job!!