oh Christmas tree..

Our tree is up! Aidan was such a big help decorating the tree today.. we loved how he had his little Santa hat on the whole time!
Aidan loves all of the lights, and got VERY upset when Mommy wanted to turn a lamp on so she could read the newspaper tonight! :)


  1. hehe so cute!! We put our inside and outside decorations. We will get our tree this weekend! I love that Aidan wore his hat the whole time :-)

  2. This picture is Priceless!!!

  3. Theresa,
    This is a beautiful picture... I love it! Your tree looks great! And yes, I just found "Amanda's" site and spend way too much time on it. :-) I just noticed your "button" from her site yesterday, so I wondered if that's where you got your font... love it!