swimming lessons!

Aidan did SO well with his swimming lessons again this summer, 
here's some pictures from his last class!

Getting wet!

I love that Pam (his teacher) emphasizes the importance of the kids learning to 
get their face & eyes wet.. Aidan has mastered this, he used to be so afraid! :)

Practicing arm strokes

Arm strokes & kicks with his face under water! 

Like I said.. HUGE improvement this year, 
Aidan went completely underwater!

Go buddy go! 

I was so proud watching him, he is going to become a great swimmer!

(Addie even enjoyed watching, we were right by the edge.. so she & I got splashed a bit too!)


  1. Great job buddy. Grammie is so proud of you.

  2. Woohoo that is great progress!!!