flashes of our lives- week 13

I really had a hard time this week & thought that I didn't enough 
pictures.. turns out, I got them all!

I really don't know if any of the photography principles were represented in my 
pictures, I kind of forgot about them as I was snapping away this past week.

Morning Time:
I cannot function without a cup of coffee first thing in the morning!

Aidan's hair is getting very long & looks like a rat's nest in the morning lately,
thank goodness we're getting it cut today!

Adalyn, getting fussy!

Here's Aidan enjoying our new (to us) couch that he helped pick out..
he picked it out of several that we were looking at on Craigslist.
Good shopper! :)

School Supplies:
My boy starts kindergarten this year & it was SO fun getting
his school supplies with him! I love all the back to school hoopla,
but I am a bit sad that he will be going to school all day.

We went to a neighborhood garage sale last week & walked around
for awhile after shopping, Aidan loved these black eyed susans that
were planted by one of the houses.. going to have to plant some here for him!

End of Summer:
We took the kids & went with some friends to Full Blast,
they both loved the waterpark & Adalyn was pooped after playing in the splash pools. 


  1. WOW a lot of supplies for kindergarten. When you were in school almost all this was provided, how times have changed.