flashes of our lives- week 12

I thought that this week was going to be pretty easy, but 
finding things to fit the movie categories was hard!

So.. I went the color route!

Aidan was at day camp this past week, 
so I apologize for all of the baby pictures.. 
I spent lots of one on one time with Adalyn this week!

Fried Green Tomatoes: 

I have been loving the cooler temperatures here lately, 
I was laying in our yard with Adalyn.. here was our view!

Single White Female:

She's the the only single white female that I've been around lately,
and here she is thoroughly enjoying her swing!


My mom told me about this awesome mushroom in her yard, 
I had to go take a look at it & get some pictures.. it was beautiful!

The Color Purple:

A sunset from our backyard.

Clockwork Orange:

Our messy girl enjoying her sweet potatoes!

The Blues Brothers:

Baby blue jeans butt!

(I also have to add that these are baby skinny jeans..
my daughter is now officially more stylish than me!)


  1. Cute butt!!!! Adalyn is such a happy baby.

  2. You did an amazing job!! I love the skinny jeans baby bum! I love the tree picture too!!