Christmas fun!

A new tradition that we started this year was an Advent calendar! 

I searched & searched for the perfect one, 
and found this cute felt one that was exactly what I was looking for!

Each day, Aidan would wake up & place a new figure onto his nativity scene, 
and tucked inside each pocket was a piece of paper with a fun activity that we
could do together as a family that day.

Aidan loved his nativity scene, and changed it several times a day.. 
I love that he really understood the Christmas story this year!

Just a few of our activities were:

Making a gingerbread house!

He was so proud of his creation, with a little help from Daddy!!! ;)

Making birdseed ornaments to hang on the trees for our birds!

Play-doh Christmas cookies! 

We used a couple of the days to make treats for Aidan's teachers!

These sock cupcakes were so much fun to make!

..and Aidan's Christmas cookie of choice this year was to make these 
reindeer cookies.. I thought they turned out pretty cute, and pretty tasty!

I can't wait to use our Advent calendar every year, 
and make family memories while counting down the REAL reason of Christmas! :)


  1. What great things you guys did this year. I still don't know where you got your talent Theresa, it sure is not from me.

  2. What a wonderful Christmas season you guys had! I love the picture of Aidan with his gingerbread house!