silly Hector!

Our little elf Hector has REALLY entertained Aidan this year!

Tony & I absolutely LOVED the wonder in Aidan's eyes as he 
woke up each morning to find Hector in a different & sometimes funny spot!

Here's some of Aidan's favorites from this year!

Hector vs. The Hulk in Connect Four..
I don't think Hulk was too thrilled to lose to an elf! :)

Aidan had been kinda naughty the night before this picture, 
so Hector left him a note on our kitchen chalkboard!

Playing with the fridge magnets..

Getting stuck in a box of Aidan's cereal!

Aidan's favorite was waking up on Christmas Eve morning to find a special gift left for him from Hector.. a new nightlight! 

Aidan had been really enjoying the little Christmas tree in his room this year & had been asking Hector for a new nightlight as bright as the tree, Aidan loves his new fish light!

Thanks for bringing so many smiles to our faces Hector, 
see ya next Christmas!


  1. Love the cereal one!!!

  2. So cute! The Hulk one cracks me up.. but I love the one of him on the front of the fridge :-)