Merry Christmas!

(warning: this is a SUPER long picture heavy post!!!)

Our Christmas get-togethers always start in the middle of December, 
which makes me excited.. we get to see so much family during the whole month of December!

Our first "Christmas" was at my mom's house, which is always a fun time!

Aidan doesn't get to see his cousins as often as he'd like, 
so he loves it when we all get together! (me too!)

Here's the kids, patiently waiting until present time!

We tried something new this year & decorated Christmas cookies as a family!

I think there were almost 70 cookies!!!

Aidan had fun for about 10 minutes, then he (of course) got kinda bored with it..
I think the presents in the living room were kinda distracting him.. :)

Trent & Hayley stayed and decorated most of the cookies.. 
I had fun watching them & eating a few too!

Tony even got in on the fun! 
..even though he doesn't like sugar cookies.. I know, he's weird! ;)

Not a very good pic, but here us girls are!
Love my step-sisters! 

Present time, FINALLY!!!

It was so fun to watch Aidan rip open gifts this year..
he was very grateful & really appreciated all of the gifts he received too!

The one gift that Aidan kept asking for over & over again, Operation!

(thanks Grammie, I think we have played this 1000 times already!!!)

Our next Christmas get-together was at our home on Christmas Eve!
We had my Grandpa over and Aidan's Grammie & Grampie too!

Aidan loves his Great Grandpa, here he is helping to open his gift from us!

Great Grandpa also got Aidan another thing on Aidan's wish list.. Wall Tracks! 

This has got to be the coolest toy ever, it keeps Aidan occupied for so long.. I love it too!

Grammie got Grampie a silly gift, a little leg lamp from A Christmas Story!

Grammie also brought over some gifts for the new baby!

.. and my Grandpa surprised me with a new stroller/car seat combo that I had been eyeing for the baby!

I was VERY surprised & excited, I loved that Aidan wheeled it in for me to see! :)

I have been so blessed by everything that has been given to our daughter already, 
as I didn't expect anything since this is our second baby! 

One of my other favorites from the night was this pillow.. we're decorating her room with owls!

Aidan woke up bright & early (2 am!!!) to see if Santa had come the next day!

He was so happy to see that he did come, and that he had a new dinosaur playset to play with!

Aidan checking out what Santa stuffed into his stocking!

Aidan always helps Mommy with her stocking too!
(please excuse my pajamas.. I couldn't fit into my mine anymore, had to steal some of Tony's pants!)

We all went back to bed after that & woke up again around 6 to open presents.. 

New Tigers hats for Daddy & Aidan!

A new winter hat for Mommy! 

Aidan picked this out all by himself & I love it!

Later that afternoon, we went to my cousin Melanie's home for Christmas there!

Aidan always has fun with his cousin Ava, they opened all their presents together this year :)

Aidan got a Slinky & wasn't too impressed with it at first..

.. til he found out what it was & what it did!

LOVE this pic of him playing with it! 

With Grandpa unwrapping gifts.. Aidan got SO much stuff this year!!!

Our last "Christmas" was at Tony's sister's home the day after Christmas!

I really slacked on taking pictures here, 
I was on bedrest & couldn't really get up to get any good pics! :(

Aidan got to see his bestest friend Emily here, 
he was SO excited to see her & spend time with her!

On the way home from Tony's sister's Christmas get-together,
I got a terrible headache & called my doctor about it when I got home.

He had me come to the hospital because of my preclampsia & we had a baby later that night!!! 

Definitely a Christmas season to remember!!! :)


  1. Loved seeing all of your pictures! What a great Christmas Aidan had! What a wonderful present you all got too :-)

  2. Yea....you are almost current and WAY ahead of Lisa.