she's here!

Here's some pictures of Adalyn's birthday.. even though most of you have already seen them!

Adalyn Elizabeth, born December 26th at 8:34 pm!

She was a tiny little girl.. 5 lbs, 10 oz. 18 inches long!

Since Addie was a preemie, she was whisked away after birth to the NICU, where she was 
put into an isolette to keep her body temp nice & cozy!

Aidan was very excited to meet his little sister!

My first time holding Adalyn, I couldn't believe how tiny she was!

She looked even smaller in her isolette!

I was in the hospital for 5 days, due to blood pressure problems.. 
Aidan made the most of my stay by playing doctor! 

We'd also go visit Addie several times a day too. 

He loves her SO much!

Addie was also hooked up to some machines & had a feeding tube for when I wasn't there to breastfeed her.. other than being awake for a few minutes to eat.. she slept all day long!

She still had a little ways to go as of yet.. she would be home before we knew it though! :)


  1. She is a total doll!! Give her a hug and kiss from me!! I am so glad you are both doing well!

  2. Yes I have seen them all but never get tired of seeing pics of my grand kids.

  3. Yep I have seen the pictures but never get tired
    of looking at my grand kids.