Hector's back!

Last year, we jumped on the "Elf on the Shelf" bandwagon, 
..Aidan's elf, "Hector" is back to work putting a smile on Aidan's face this Christmas season!

The morning after Thanksgiving, Hector made his appearance!

The story says that he flies back to the North Pole every night to tell Santa how Aidan is doing.. 
and he hides in a different spot every morning for Aidan to find him!

I love the fun & wonder of it all.. the look on Aidan's face every morning is just priceless!

Hiding in Aidan's little Christmas tree in his room:

While Daddy was on a business trip in Texas last week, Hector took it upon himself to sleep in Aidan's bed for a bit.. since Aidan & Mommy were sleeping together while Daddy was gone!

Hector also loves to play with Aidan's toys..

..or hide out in the kitchen..

.. OR, play little jokes on Aidan! 

Aidan woke up today to find this waiting for him..

Silly Hector!!!

Gotta love our little elf, he's so much fun!


  1. Oh my goodness, first off I love that he colored his nose! Priceless, and second your pictures are amazing! How do you take such wonderful pictures of normal things...mine on my personal blog are always so blah...Boring if you will. I am a little jealous right now! Congratulations on your book win! I will send it out today (well tomorrow since today is Sunday!)

  2. ohh Hector!! So fun! Love that last picture!

  3. Hector you are doing a good job.