Easter cookies!

I am so slow at posting new pictures, sorry Mom! 
2 weeks ago, we got together at my Mom's with my step-sister
 & her daughter Hayley to decorate Easter cookies!

Aidan was very excited all week waiting for that Saturday to come around.. 
here he is patiently waiting to get started!

LOVE the concentration on Hayley's face!

Aidan did a good job smearing the icing around.. 
Mommy did pretty good eating the icing too..
it was soooo good ;)

Time for a taste test!

A few cookies in & the kids were ready to make a mess,
 it was fun to watch them & even more fun that it wasn't a mess at our house! 
(Thanks Grammie!)

My mom pitched in to help..

..here's their colorful cookies!

I think my Mom made the prettiest cookie.. way to go Mom! :)

After cookies, Aidan & Hayley played while we all talked to eachother..
 ..and ate cookies!

Don'tcha just love that my boy has his fingers up his nose? 
He does this when he knows I'm about to take his picture.. stinker!

After awhile, we took the kids outside & chased some bubbles!

I loved watching Aidan chase the bubbles all over..

..and I LOVE this last picture I got of him!

We had such a nice time & it was fun to watch the kids have so much fun! :)


  1. Thank you for getting them on your blog. I didn't even break your new camera. Will have to do again, I really enjoyed the day.

  2. What a super fun day.. the cookies the hanging out the eating the cookies the bubbles sounds like a perfect day to me!

  3. Hey Theresa!

    Looks like such a fun day... the cookies look delicious! Yum. I love all of your pictures too, so cute!