The Movers!

We had so much fun yesterday, we took Aidan to Detroit to see the Imagination Movers!

We've had these tickets since Christmas, and have been so eager to take Aidan to see his favorite guys since then! He thought we were going to see a "movie" of the Imagination Movers.. 
he was in for a surprise!

I also had no idea if they would allow cameras in the show.. 
so I was super excited when I saw all of the cameras flashing when we got inside! 

Waiting for the show to begin!

Aidan HAD to have a Warehouse Mouse! 
(Mommy couldn't believe how expensive all of the merchandise was.. yikes!) 

Lights were getting dim.. the show's about to start!
(I think he's excited?)

Choo Choo Soul opened up for the Movers.. they were great!

Loving it so far..

Time for the Movers! 
Here is Mover Dave's entrance.. he's one of Aidan's favorites: 

Our seats were really good actually, I was glad to get a few good pictures.. 
as everyone was jumping & dancing all around us! 

The Movers went into the audience a lot, 
and here is Aidan & Mommy before he got a high-five from Mover Dave! :)

Nina was there too! 

Warehouse Mouse.. and the Movers in silly cheese hats..

He was still pretty into it!

Eddie the monster made an appearance,
he was featured on a Halloween episode that Aidan loved.. 

Aidan was waving to him & getting into the song..

After that, Aidan kinda fizzled out. He was ready to go & DID NOT want to sing or dance anymore, or have Mommy or Daddy sing or dance either! :(

We sat in our seats the rest of the show & dealt with our cranky boy.. they played a few more of Aidan's favorite songs & came back on stage for an encore in silly moustaches!

Overall, I think Aidan had a good time..
The Imagination Movers definitely know how to put on a great show! 

I only wish I would have packed my longer camera lens, as I could have gotten better pictures.. I am so glad I decided to bring my camera 'just in case', as Tony almost had me convinced to leave it at home.. "they're not gonna let you take a camera in there honey..." (love you Tony!)

I think seeing the Movers in person made for one happy boy! 
(Mommy & Daddy even had fun too!)


  1. Hi Theresa! Great pictures... this looked like a really fun time!! My kids used to love these guys too. :-)


  2. Glad you all had a great time, especially you Aidan. Grammie would have danced with you!!!

  3. So fun! I'm glad that it was an overall good experience. We've been trying to decide if Alex is old enough for something like this. Maybe we'll have to give a try some time :)

  4. What a super fun time you guys had!!!! I went to a Mickey show with Sammy and was complete shocked at how much everything cost!!