decorating eggs!

Time to dye Easter eggs!

Aidan was so excited all day for this :)

He was bugging me all day to get the "egg stuff" out, I loved seeing the excitement on his face.

I noticed that Aidan was much more independent with it this year, he is growing up so fast!

I found these new swab colorers that were a hit, Aidan loved them!


Notice the tears?

Yeah.. Mommy accidentally dropped a decorated egg on the floor.. man, I felt like a jerk..
Sooo, Aidan had to make that egg all over again.. sheesh Mommy! ;)

Aidan picked out a dinosaur themed egg kit this year..

.. it was fun, but I still like the plain 'ol regular eggs..

..so pretty!


  1. Sorry Aidan on the broken egg, GEE Mommy those were alligator tears too!!! Grammie feels for you buddy..love you!!!

  2. What fun!! We are doing our eggs tomorrow! I love the swab things!! Poor little guy about the egg.. guess it was a good lesson on forgiveness :-)

  3. Hey, don't feel bad about the egg Theresa. At least you decorate eggs. Is it bad that I've NEVER done this with my kids?! :-)