egg hunt!

On Saturday, we met up with family to go to an Easter egg hunt! 
We had lunch together & played at a park before heading to the hunt..

Aidan is a climber now, and he makes me nervous when he wants to try to 
get up in high places by himself.. "I do it!"

It was *finally* a nice day & Aidan & Hayley had fun playing.

Getting a push from Uncle Rob!

Making me nervous again! :)

Time for the Easter egg hunt!
The sign there said there were 11,000 eggs & I believe it.. they were everywhere! 

The poor kids had to wait awhile as more people kept coming to join.. 
here's Hayley making the best of her boredom!

FINALLY get to start! 
It was so fun to watch all of the kids racing for the eggs :)

Kinda busy, huh? 

Aidan showing off his eggs!

We had so much fun at the egg hunt! 


  1. Looks like you had a busy Easter weekend Buddy.

  2. What fun!! Look at all the eggs he found!! Good job Aidan! We didn't get to go to the one we usually go to since we had Sammy's party but they had 15,000 eggs this year!