happy birthday to me!

Last Wednesday was my birthday & it was a beautiful day! 
I enjoyed spending most of it outdoors with Aidan!

We had lunch outdoors, watching Tony's cousin Art get the fields by us ready for planting..
Aidan was VERY happy to see the tractors out again!

After lunch, we had a nature scavenger hunt.. I found the idea for this online & changed some of the items to match what we have available in our yard.. Aidan loved it!

.. and he loved dumping it all out & playing with the items too :)

Later that night, we went to my Dad's for dinner, and birthday cake!

Aidan helped me blow out the candles..

..and enjoyed eating it too, yummy carrot cake!

We had a good time visiting, Aidan especially loved seeing Grandpa!

Last but certainly not least, my boys wanted to make me a birthday cake too! 

Here's my super-delicious homemade cake, Aidan even helped put the frosting on.. can you tell? ;)


  1. The "Boys" did a great job, especially Aidan!!

  2. What a great birthday! I love the cake Aidan and your husband made :-) Looks perfect and tasty!

  3. Happy (belated) birthday Theresa! I loved the the nature scavenger hunt idea too.